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SADC Rammed Earth Standard URGENT FINAL CALL



We now hear that there are currently 8 out of 10 yes votes for the SADC rammed earth standard. This means that there is effectively a SADC standard in place, even though SABS have not voted yet. After sustained pressure SABS have asked for a extension in the final voting round of the Rammed Earth Code of Practice after they initially wanted to vote against the standard.

Nevertheless this means that there is effectively a SADC standard in place, even though SABS have not voted yet. We continue to work towards co-operation with SABS, but in the mean time for practical purposes you can think about the prospect of building with rammed earth, of following a code, of releasing bank loans for the work, of training people for jobs. Its a big deal.

There are many next steps, from seeking similar approval for other earth technologies to hammering out the exact framework for the regulation to work in SA. Help is needed to deal with these issues as a national discussion begins.

We would like to still urge everybody to keep on sending letters of supports to SABS so that they understand that this matter cannot just be swept under the carpet.

The letter/email of support should be forwarded to:


- Solly Peter, Manager - Construction Standards SABS, peterm@sabs.co.za
-  Suraiya Adam, Senior Manager Standards Division SABS, adamsa@sabs.co.za
-  Sazi Zangqa, Senior Manager Compliance and Development SABS, zangqasl@sabs.co.za
- Jacob Ramatsetse - Construction Standards SABS, ramatsjj@sabs.co.za

In the letter please quote SADCSTAN TC1/SC5 Code of Practice for Rammed Earth Structures and copy Rowland Keable (rowland {at} rammed-earth{dot}info) and Andy Horn (andy{at}ecodesignarchitects{dot}co{dot}za) in please.

For more info on Rammed Earth, please go to www.rammed-earth.info.

Getting codes for natural building methods regularized is hugely important in assuring such structures are soundly built and that building bonds can then be made easily available.
Rammed earth structures make beautiful durable walls and are an ideal green building material as they have a very low carbon footprint and from a passive design perspective offer buildings high levels of thermal mass and humidity control. They can also be relatively inexpensively built with the help of local communities using simple locally available resources. Sophisticated concrete formwork systems as well as simple low-tech timber formwork systems can be employed making it ideal for both ends of the economy.

As such your letter of support of this initiative is of tremendous importance to helping get this motion to be adopted, certainly within your own capacity if not also from the DBSA as well.

In this regard please feel free to forward this information to others you think could lend their letter of support so that we can drum up as much support for this initiative as possible.


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