Why should I think "green" nowadays? Print

Being and thinking “green??? is not just a passing fashion as it is publicized in magazines etc. Considering our present environmental imperative, making ecologically correct decisions has becoming increasingly important. Bearing in mind that our whole way of life is based on oil consumption we have to start thinking of a more sustainable approach to tread lightly on this planet, and therefore respect and care for the Earth in a sustainable manner and not exploit it as we are doing now.
Note that:
- More than 50 % of the oil consumption in the world is used for the manufacturing of conventional building materials, such as cement.
- Concrete production is harmful to the environment and is said to be responsible for 5 -8% of greenhouse gases.

As never before the human race faces a crisis of sustainability and our standard/conventional construction industry presently/typically only serves to exacerbate our present environmental crisis.  It is worth remembering we are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Natural building is in my opinion a far superior approach to the built environment.
Natural building engenders environmental protection, water conservation, energy efficiency, embracing only non - toxic non-polluting materials while fostering local economic and cultural development within a framework of recyclability. ....see my manifesto for green architecture.