The brief to Eco Design Architects was that “the buildings must demonstrate a variety of different eco-building techniques that are replicable within the Swazi community at homestead level using locally sourced materials.???
The full design layout includes a training centre, a versatile production space, an office and admin building, ablution facilities, a roadside stall and a nursery.

Guba - Swaziland

The green building technologies which have been incorporated are Adobe Construction, Wattle and Daub Construction, Rammed Earth Construction Planted Roofs, Compost Toilets, Moonphase Harvesting of Timber and Renewable Energies (Photovoltaic, Hot water Solar heating, Windpower).

For more information about Guba, please visit their website: or for current updates click here to access the Guba facebook page.

The Design
The Building Process
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We offer a number of construction & info manuals on our website on natural building technologies which specifically refer to the South African context. The info manual "A LIME DUNG PLASTER RECIPE" has recently been added to the collection.   Click here for more information.

All our manuals are also now available as E-Book downloads. Click here for the E-Books.