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FAQs - General Questions

General Books:

  • “Building Green??? A Complete How-To Guide to Alternative Building Methods Earth Plaster * Straw Bale * Cordwood * Cob * Living Roofs by Clarke Snell and Tim Callahan – 2005
  • “Earth Construction???, A Comprehensive Guide  by Hugo Houben, Hubert Guillard, Practical Action,1994
  • “The Solar House???: Passive Heating and Cooling by Daniel D. Chiras, Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 2002
  • “Adobe and Rammed Earth Buildings???: Design and Construction - Paul Graham McHenry, University of Arizona Press,1989
  • “The Art of Natural Building???, edited by Joseph Kennedy, Michael Smith, Catherine Wanek, New Society Publishers, 2002.
  • “Alternative Construction: Contemporary Natural Building Methods??? L. Elizabeth and C. Adams, John Wiley & Sons, New York 2000.

Straw Bale Building:

  • "The Straw Bale House" David Bainbridge, & Bill & Athena Steen, Chelsea Green Publications, 1994.
  • “Build It with Bales- A step by step Guide to Straw Bale Construction – Version 2,??? S.O. Macdonald & Matts Myhrman, West Press, Tucson, Arizona, 1997.
  • “Straw Bale Building – how to plan, design, and build with straw “ by Chris  Magwood and Peter Mack, New Society Publishers, 2000
  • “Hot Dirt Cool Straw" – nature- friendly houses for 21st century living – James Gratson Trulove with Nora Richter Greer, 2001.
  • "Living Homes??? – sustainable architecture and design by Suzi Moore McGregor and Nora Burba Trulsson, Chronicle Books, 2001
  • “The New Strawbale Home??? by Catherine Wanek, Gibbs Smith, publisher, Utah, 2003.
  • “Serious Straw Bale – A Home Construction Guide for all Climates??? by Paul Lacinski & Michel Bergeron, Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 2000.

Cob building:

  • “The Cob Builders Handbook???: You Can Hand-Sculpt Your Own Home by Becky Bee, Groundworks, 1998
  • “The Hand-Sculpted House???: A Philosophical and Practical Guide to Building a Cob Cottage by ,  Michael G. Smith, Linda Smiley, Chelsea Green,  2002
  • “Building With Cob: A Step-by-step Guide??? by Adam Weismann, Katy Bryce, Green Books, 2006


  • “The Natural Plaster Book??? : Earth, Lime and Gypsum Plasters for Natural Homes by Cedar Rose Guelberth and Dan Chiras, New Society Publishers, 2003