With what can I plaster my walls?

A coating of earthen plaster, containing between 15 and 25% clay, makes an ideal medium with which to protect straw. Given the hydroscopic nature of clay, moisture is continually drawn out of the straw. The clay is then plastered with a lime sand plaster and/or coated with a breathable paint. Alternately a traditional lime sand plaster is used, either onto an initial coating of mud plaster or straight onto the straw. Clay sand lime plasters and lime sand dung plasters can also be used. Earthen plasters alone can also be used, provided lots of finely chopped/shredded straw or cellulose fibre (soaked shredded newspaper) is added to the mix and that weather walls are sufficiently protected with good roof overhangs or verandas. In all cases it is advised to protect the plaster with a good breathable paint. 

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