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FAQs - Straw Bale Construction

Where can I get Straw Bales from?

In the Western Cape Straw bales are harvested around November and December time....so this is normally the best time to buy ones bales. Bales bought later into the year tend to be more expensive and in less good condition unless they have been specifically stored under shelter. You can pay R5 – R10 a bale in season compared to up to R30 out of season!
Other parts of the country harvest a bit later into summer, so one always need to check with your local farmers if you are looking for bales anywhere else in the country.
Buying directly from the farmer is usually the best. There are plenty of farmers up the N7 ....around Malmesbury and Darling who can supply bales. There is also a wheat farm near Somerset West.

If I were you, I would start to phone the farmer’s co-ops and horse stable suppliers and enquire about where you might find straw as locally as possible. The co-ops generally know who farms what in their areas…..so they will know if any farmers in their area’s are farming any of the grains….remember wheat, rice, oats, barley and rye straws are all suitable. I would start more locally and then move further and further away from your location to try and locate the most local source possible.

The best resource to find contacts nationally is to go to the webpage:

South African Grain Information Service

This is a link to the South African Grain Information Service. It will take you to a page were you can select from a range of different grains ie. wheat, barley, oats and millet. From there you can download contact lists for different grain co-workers in all regions South Africa. Though these contacts you should be able to establish which farmers in your surrounding area supply straw.

Otherwise ask people who keep horses as you can always get bales from stable / horse suppliers. If you are only buying a few bales in the greater Cape Town area then Custom feeds is probably the best place: www.customfeeds.co.za / Hout Bay (021) 785 5773 / Noordehoek (021) 790 5030. They keep straw for bedding. However, especially with such suppliers be sure to ask for straw and not hay!



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