FAQs - Straw Bale Construction

With what kind of Bales can I build with?

One can use various types of straw, including, but not limited to, wheat, rice, rye, barley, oats and similar plants, shall be acceptable if they meet the minimum requirements for density, shape, moisture content, and ties.
Bales used shall be rectangular in shape. Bales used within a continuous wall shall be of consistent height and width to ensure an even distribution of loads within a wall system. Bales used should be baled as densely as possible. 
Bales shall be bound with ties of either polypropylene string/strapping or baling wire.  Bales with broken or loose ties shall not be used unless the broken or loose ties are replaced with ties, which restore the original degree of compaction of the bale.
Moisture content of bales, at time of installation, shall not exceed 20 % of the total weight of the bale.

We advise against using hay bales for construction. Also see "Can I also use hay bales and not straw bales?"