Eco Design – Architects & Consultants is an architectural practice specialising in ecological friendly natural building and consulting. Established in 1998 by Andy Horn, the practice has been at the forefront of the green building movement in South Africa and has won a number of international awards in the field of ecological design.

Eco Design’s cutting edge regenerative design solutions have been widely published both locally and internationally and have earned them among other awards the 2004 Sustainable Building Best Practice award for Residential Projects in the Africa Region and the Silver Holcim Award for Sustainable Construction in Africa and the Middle East 2005.


Building With Straw: A Suitable Construction Material for East Africa?

The third talk session hosted by Localworks, held on 16th December, was dedicated to two speakers, Andy Horn and Eckardt Dauck, who introduced us to two very different ways of building with straw. Andy Horn who is a South African Architect and Principal of Eco Design Architects with over 24 years of experience demystified the notion of building with straw bales. He also showcased previously completed projects, shared his experiences and findings as well as the various experimentation's his firm has done with the material. We were also delighted about the presence of the founder of Zero Carbon Designs, Eckardt Dauck, who presented to us his made-in-Uganda Zero Carbon straw panel, and how it is being used in construction throughout East Africa.

Moon Phase Harvesting of "Moon wood" Timber for South Africa

Times & dates for Harvesting of Construction timber in 2022:

- APRIL: Saturday 30th April from 10:45pm until Tuesday 3rd May at 10:15pm*
- MAY: Monday 30th May from 1:45pm until Thursday 2nd June at 1:15pm*
- JUNE:Wednesday 29th June 5:15am until Saturday 2nd July 4:30Am*

*Note: We have given the actual time of the new moon plus min 15 minutes cut off time, before and after respectively for South African Standard Time (SAST).

*Note: For other regions in the Southern Hemisphere minus 2 hours to get to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and apply your local conversion

*Updated 07/05/2021

Please continue reading for more information about the MOON PHASE HARVESTING of timber

KZNIA 2020 Journal

Eco Design gets a nice mention in the latest SAIA-KZN's 2-2020 journal in the article on

"Social Cohesion & Earth-constructed Education Spaces in South Africa" Click here to view the article