Light Staw Clay Print


  • Used for many 100’s of years in Germany & medieval northern  Europe
  • The 300 year old double storey town museum in Genadendal near Greyton in the Western Cape is made of clay straw roles.
  • It can be used for both internal and external walls as well as for ceilings, and is commonly compressed between a frame.


  • Materials can be sourced from the site itself and is easy to work with.
  • Simple tools are required.
  • Offers very high levels of insulation for relatively thin walls.

Technical Information:

  • The timber framing structure, Shutter work is constructed and fixed in position.
  • A mixture of clay, straw and sand is mixed together and placed between a shutter framework and compressed.
  • 2 layers of shuttering are compressed and then the shutters are successively leapfrogged over each other panel by panel.

Track record and examples of work:

  • Staff housing for Organic Farm Shehaan, outside Lusaka, 2008
  • Stanford Valley Conference Centre workshop 2006 made partial use of light clay straw panels.
  • Eco Design held a light-clay construction workshop at the   Cob Colloquium in December 2006 for the McGreggor’s Centre for Alternative Technology.