Wattle and Daub Construction Print



  • Wattle and daub can be found in many parts of the world, with some structures many hundreds of years old.
  • This method is already in widespread use around the country. However due to the lack of timber treating and poor or lack of proper damp proofing and the absence of a masonry base wall, this method is not nearly as durable as it should be when these simple improvements are incorporated.


  • With simple improvements this system can be made much more durable and socially acceptable.
  • The existing skills and resources are commonly available to the informal sector, and just need education and supply of lime.
  • Allow for the use of readily available building rubble and alien vegetation, favouring labour cost over material cost.

Technical information:

  • Stone, earth clumps or rubble is sourced from recycling dumps and placed in a timber frame work.
  • The walls are plastered using clay and lime based plasters.
  • A good foundation & footing i.e. stone, brick etc is used.
  • Boron treated or bio-dynamically harvested timbers are used.
  • Local saplings are nailed or bound to upright poles forming frame work for the wall structure.

Company Track record and examples of work:

  • Stanford valley Conference Centre workshop, 2006