Eco Design Architects and Consultants have given green consultancy services to other architectural practices and companies as well as private clients.



Every project is unique – sometimes all that is needed is a bit of advice. For, reports, guidelines, recommendations or anything else we assist with:

  • Ecological land use i.e. eco village concepts, permaculture, design guidelines etc.
  • Environmental impacts i.e. site management, building product assessment etc.
  • Healthy, non-toxic buildings i.e. natural paints, ecological wood treatments etc.
  • Energy – renewable & efficient i.e. passive solar design, solar water heating etc.
  • Water – efficiency, recycli ng, conservation etc. i.e. multi-flush toilets, composting toilets, greywater recycling, etc.
  • Dome & vault construction i.e. design and specialist building services.
  • Green Retrofitting and refurbishments convert an existing building to a green building.
  • Natural building methods i.e. straw bale, cob, adobe, stone, sod, pole etc.


Brochures & Documents are on sale that can be used as hand books by builders, architects and interested parties or for
council motivation and approval. Please see our online shop for more info.