Adobe Construction / Sun Dried Mud Brick


  • This method has been used for thousands of years with parts of the Great Wall of China as well as some of the pyramids in Egypt being made of adobe brick.
  • Most of South Africa’s oldest National Building Monuments are made with adobe bricks.
  • Adobe bricks are still widely used in many rural parts of the country, i.e. Eastern Cape, Transkei, Zululand, Mpumalanga etc. However their use without proper masonry foundations or damp proofing and the practice of cement plastering, typically compromises their durability.


  • This method can be used to increase the job creation and community skills development on site.
  • The raw materials are normally readily available and simple tools are needed.
  • These walls offer much better thermal comfort performance. The combination of the high thermal mass of the material which offers great thermal stability to structures together with the ability of clay to moderate humidity levels to indoor climates creates a greatly improved level of thermal comfort when compared to standard concrete & brick buildings.
  • Unlike cob for instance the adobe brick making process allows for the division of labour, such that one can create additional work with brick production being separate to the actual project construction itself.
  • Technical information:
  • Strengths are typically good for double storey construction.
  • This method can be very durable provided good detailing
  • with proper damp proofing as well as natural plasters
  • (earth and lime) and paints that breath are used.
  • The Adobe brick mix is carefully prepared by mixing clay-rich soil/ sand/ straw with the correct proportions.
  • The adobe mix is placed in the moulds and the bricks are left out to dry in the sun for one month. The longer it dries the stronger it gets.
  • Earth brick building codes have been established in many parts of Central, South and North America. many countries, as well as in New Zealand.

Company track record/examples of work:

  • Technical consultant & ECD Centre for CNNIA Architects & VPUU in
    Delft, Cape Town, 2021
  • TWK Resource Centre Training Rooms for CNNIA Architects & VPUU in VilliersDorp,, Western Cape. 2017- 2018
  • Adobe building & making workshop for CPUT at Rocklands Primary School,, Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town 2015
  • Training workshop for Keiskammerhoek Resource Centre, in the Eastern Cape, for a local NGO Ntinga Ntaba kaNdoda, 2014
  • OR Tambo Narrative & Enviro Centre – Leeupan, Johannesburg, 2010 – 2012
  • House Eglin, 2009 – 2011, Gqnube Green Eco Village,, East London
  • Mamre Heritage Revitalization Project for City of Cape Town, Mamre Western Cape, 2010-2011
  • Block B of Seven Fountains Primary School for Oprah’s Angel Network & East Coast Architects, in Kokstad, KZN, 2006-2007
  • Alterations & Additions to House Albla, in McGreggor, Western Cape, 2007.

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