Bottle Walling

Bottle Walling


The most famous local bottle wall constructions can be found at the owl house in New Bethesda and were built over 60 years ago.  


Recycling waste reduces landfill.
Additional jobs can be created on site.
Bottles can be used to create beautiful patterns of light.
The walls create good insulation.

Technical information:

The tapered ends of bottles are cut off and taped end to end so as form a sealed tube of glass.
The tubes are stacked in a pattern and either set in cob, lime or cement.
Lime and white cement are more effective at reflecting light through the glass. Tinfoil can be wrapped around to further enhance the quality of light.

Company Track record and examples of work:

  • House Olivier, Kromme Valley Farm, Clan William, 2019
  • Yiza Ekhaya Soup Kitchen, Kuyasa, Cape Town 2015 for Wolf & Wolf Architects
  • House Eglin, 2009 – 2011, Gqnube Green Eco Village, East London
  • House Sidler - Milnerton Cape Town, 2006
  • House Brodie - Scarborough, Cape Peninsular, 2003
  • House Patience – Greyton, Cape Province, 2002
  • House Lijnes - Noordhoek Cape Peninsular, 2001

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