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To assist in humanities evolution toward more ecological ways of building, we have decided to make a selection of our Natural Building Info Manual e-books available for FREE

Process the order as usual or email your order directly to us and the download links will be sent to your email address
To help transcend towards more regenerative building solutions and dislodge from the old failing degenerative systems, we make this offering with no strings attached.

You are also welcome to help the campaign by sharing this information or making a donation in whatever form you wish. We pledge to make more of our manuals freely available and develop more of of them, if we your donations bless us with the freedom to do so.

FREE DOWNLOAD - A Lime Dung Plaster Recipe & Natural Paint Guide

Illustrates and explains in detail of how to make your own plaster using a mixture of lime, dung, sand and clay. This receipt, which is a traditional recipe from Mamre (Western Cape, South Africa) is particularly good and works like a charm.

E-Book - A Sandbag Building Handbook

Describes the basics of a simple sandbag building system. It uses structural ladders made of timber latte, off-cuts or small dimensional battens that can be sourced from scrap material and which are nailed or screwed together.

E-Book - A Water Saving & Recycling Document

This document describes a variety easily built grey water systems including a low tech branched drain system, reed bed systems and a kitchen grease trap treating system. Furthermore it includes several illustrations on water wise design & tips on how to

FREE - Tips For The Use Of Timber In An Ecologically Minded Way

Includes info on renewable timbers, natural non-toxic treatments & preservatives methods, moon phase harvesting, boron treatment, solar kilns, suppliers etc.

E-Book - Earth Building Soil Analysis and Adobe Brick Making

The info manual "EARTH BUILDING SOIL ANALYSIS AND ADOBE BRICK MAKING" has been extensively revised and extended. It now offers a detailed chapter on the Adobe Brick Making process including alot of descriptive images.

E-Book - Straw Bale Building – Information Package

A very comprehensive document, that deals with a variety of both load bearing construction and non-load bearing straw bale systems. (157 A4 pages)

FREE DOWNLOAD - An Illustrated Manifesto for Green Architecture

This document forms the theoretical basis of our practice. It details the six broad principles for green design, why they are necessary and what measures can be taken to implement them.

FREE DOWNLOAD - Technologies for a regenerative future


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